We are proposing 19 new family homes at The Hawthorns that will deliver much needed housing for Loxwood and Chichester.

BlackOnyx is dedicated to ensuring any new design aligns with the semi-rural character of the area. The architecture and construction of the homes will be thoughtfully crafted to fit with traditional building styles of the region, such as clay roof tiling, natural-coloured timber boarding and stone window cills, but with a modern twist.

By the nature of its layout The Hawthorns development will have a minimal visual impact from Guildford Road, with most of the development self-obscuring and with more visually prominent houses being of reduced height.

Furthermore, the layout of the homes and the overall development will prioritize open spaces, greenery, and landscaping to enhance the rural feel of the area. Residents will have access to communal gardens, walking paths, and recreational areas that promote a connection with nature and encourage outdoor activities. The design will also take into consideration the conservation of existing trees and vegetation, as well as the protection of wildlife habitats, to maintain the ecological balance of the surroundings.


The need for family housing has been one of the main drivers with regards to the design of the scheme at The Hawthorns. The former apartment building that was proposed in the previous application has been replaced with 4 terrace houses, which not only reduces the bulk and massing in this part of the site, but provides high quality family housing.

Landscape has been an important consideration in the evolution of the scheme. Therefore the site proposes generous rear garden spaces to all houses, a large open-space created along the sites’ northern edge and the majority of the existing trees and hedgerow retained and enhanced. Whilst the character and appearance of the previous application was supported by the planning department, BlackOnyx have sought to improve the overall quality of the appearance and materials.


BlackOnyx will secure an agreement to ensure that the development we are proposing delivers water neutrality. This will ensure that The Hawthorns development will not negatively impact the water supply and will deliver a high-quality design that ensures water efficiency and recycling.


The proposal is to incorporate water efficient fixtures and fittings and rainwater harvesting to the dwellings to minimise the water demand of the proposed development. This will be over and above the levels currently required under Building Regulations.

Although the water use within the proposed houses have been reduced as efficiently as possible, the development would still mean more water is being used within the water sensitive zone. This increase in water demand will be offset off-site by reducing the water use of a commercial/agricultural premises within the local area.

This strategy will minimise the impact of the new development on the SNWSZ. The proposal will be water neutral once complete and therefore satisfying the planning requirements but also creating a sustainable development for future generations.


Delivering a biodiverse development is important and we are committed to improving the environment at The Hawthorns. Our proposals will deliver a 10% net gain to biodiversity at The Hawthorns keeping in line with the policies set out by Chichester District Council.

The preservation and planting of trees and hedgerows can help maintain and enhance the existing biodiversity of the site, providing food and shelter for a variety of plant and animal species.

Additionally, trees and hedgerows act as natural corridors for wildlife, allowing for the movement of species and promoting genetic diversity within the ecosystem.

By committing to a 10% net gain in biodiversity at The Hawthorns, BlackOnyx is demonstrating a proactive approach to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Overall, the emphasis on green space reflects a holistic approach to creating a biodiverse and environmentally conscious community that benefits both residents and the natural world.

As part of our commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment, we will be retaining and improving the trees, hedgerow and other landscaping around the boundary of the site. This will provide a green boundary around the development area as well provide a biodiverse environment for animals and species to thrive in.


Following local guidance on parking, The Hawthorns will provide 44 car parking spaces serving the 19 new homes being proposed. Each new home will have between 2 and 3 dedicated car parking spaces and there will also be 4 visitor spaces shared between the homes.

In addition to providing ample car parking spaces for the new homes at The Hawthorns, the development will encourage sustainable transportation options such as electric cars and bike storage. By incorporating infrastructure to support electric vehicles, the development can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner modes of transportation.

The development is also designed to be cycle-friendly and have accommodation for bike and e-bike sheds. 

Emphasizing the use of e-bikes in semi-rural property developments not only promotes sustainable transportation practices but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the surrounding landscape and encourages a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

By integrating e-bike infrastructure and promoting their use, The Hawthorns development will provide a balance between modern convenience and the semi-rural environment, enhancing the overall living experience for residents.

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